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01 Abandonned Noise - Soul Full of Fear
02 Kalilaskov AS vs Strezz - Vampire Dance (StrezZ Remix)
03 Kerosene Club - Gigantic Brains
04 Baphomet Engine - Dark Prince
05 Dominator - Winter Blizard
06 Chaotic Waveforms - From Another Hell
07 Metallaxis - Evil Think
08 Psilogos vs Crying Orc - 666 Weeks in Hell
09 Datakult and Infect Insect- Abject Object
10 Psilogos- Psilobeasts

Mastering by Triptych

Each time looking to innovate, our new compilation brings you the best new projects and exclusive tracks of Psychedelic Trance. Digging hard and deep in your consciousness, the goal is to create new sensations and to bring you to a higher state of being through heavy mental sounds. Some might call it “Dark” or “Evil” music, but in all cases, it’s true tripping music with a real experimental intensity. With project from all over the world, the combination of styles and personalities makes this release a detonative cocktail to appreciate at night time. Each artist/project has put all their soul and guts in each of these 10 tracks to give you a really unforgettable time. Beware, once again, the title is just a true description of what you going to find inside: a free one way ticket with the men in the white blouses.


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