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Part 1: The 1st Gram

Cat. # Nabicd004

01. Catatonic Despair - Skin & Salt
02. Baphomet Engine - Antas Acoc sod Sergalim
03. Celsung - Tri Assassin Don't Die
04. Celsung - Broken Butterfly
05. Strezz - Lyserg Saeure Diaethylamid
06. Catatonic Despair - Flicker
07. Noise Gust - Summon Spell
08. Acid Goblins vs Datakult - Bohemian Grove
09. Catatonic Despair - Rusty Edge
00. Infect Insect - Smoke Plastic

Mastering by Triptych -
Art Cover by SG Design (SG Design)

Based upon the concept of experiencing new levels of madness and insanity througt-out the night, here is our new baby: DMT...the 1st Gram. Once again without any limits we selected the heaviest psychedellic producers of the moment to bring you our very own definition of Psychedelic Music for the night. Featuring new artists in the Nabi family as well as corner stone projects to Nabi-records, let's open the doors that should have stay closed with 10 exclusive tracks leading you to one dark path. Special cover design by Swaroop - Mastering by Triptych @ Solead Studio Describing this compilation is a real difficult task, even so we put it together. Once again we targeted on releasing Psychedelic Night Music, most certainely design to have a real impact on both your brain and body. In our own ways we went beyond our own limits to seek something different, something that will leave a mark into the listener mind because it awaken new feelings and emotions to reveal another state of counciousness. And once again, expect some releases with some "balls", not the usual mainstream commercial Shit.

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