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One More Drop...
cat#: Nabicd006
01 - Neo Vox - Ultra Coma Rmx
02 - Kalilaskov AS - LSD From the other side
03 - Noise Gust - Sliceman
04 - Noise Gust - Berserk Eye
05 - Noise Gust - Burglar
06 - Mondo Vs Noise Gust - Full Moon
07 - Strezz - Electrical Impulse
08 - Cannibal Barbecue - Wait until she cums
09 - Psilogos - The Descent (remix)
10 - Yasagure Pan Nakotta - Loneliness
Click on the track number to listen to a 4 mins sample!

Cover Artwork by Infect Insect
Mastering by Triptych@solead studio

Rich and vibrant colors are coming to life as the music flows from the speakers and the effects of the dance is taking you to fully experience your trip. One More Drop was, one again design to bring you to a full power experience. Conceived with the wishes to bring a definite atmosphere and high level of pleasure while tripping, One More Drop is the result of talented artists to enhance your experiences.
With a strong spine from Japan with our friend Noise Gust (japan), we selected tracks wich represent our very personnal understanding of fun and pleasure in the night time. This new release is introducing new projects such as Neo Vox and Cannibal BBQ (both from the Brazilian underground) with real dynamical music associates with a nice twisted touch, Mondo (japan), almost unknown outside of Japan, even so he is among the cornerstone of trance in Japan. We are very happy to welcome Noise Gust's good friend on board our crazy ship! Last but not least, from Japan Yassagura Pan Nakotta project (Savage Scream and Shineko San). Previousely releases on R.M.R, this second release confirms the strong artistic personnality of this project. Our friend Strezz is joining last minute with a strong track full of power. To complete this compilation, Kalialaskov AS and Psilogos brought in a quite twisted flavor from Israel, where another drop definitely does not seems to much!!!

© Nabi-records-2006