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Available September 6th, 2007


Uses & Abuses

Cat. # Nabicd007

01:Infect Insect : Remetenia
02:Acid Goblins: Kuguk
03:Catatonic Despair: Introspective Nightmare
04:Celsung : Bridge of Thread
05:Noise Gust : Warper
06:Catatonic Despair: Liquid Umbra
07:Baphomet Engine : Digital Flight
08:Catatonic Despair : Futility of Prayer
09:Wooden Monsters - Chopotage
10: Infect Insect : No Xaos

Mastering by Mastering Préférence
Art Cover by Loops Design (Neomcoreteck)

© Nabi-records-2007

Deeper and harder; that's the way we like it! Following DMT part 1: The First gram, we are taking our journey into psytrance one level higher. With no compromise, DMT part 2 goes through the Uses and Abuses with no limits but your owns. Light up your Chyllum and get ready for one hell of a trip!


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