ACID GOBLINS (hungary)
This project is the collaboration of Gergő and Adam.
We met around the spring of 2004 on the internet, by a friend who
introduced us to each other. After recognising our common interests
about psy trance, we felt to start making our creations. Adam
discovered psy music around 2003, Gergő's first contact with
psychedelic trance was at the age of 16, and he was 14 when he made
his first sounds with computer.
Acid Goblins are available for Live Acts abd DJ sets.
For any Info/help/arrangement about booking, contact us, we will forward it to him.


Demos available: nabicd004"D.M.T,The 1st Gram": HERE!

Past Events:
18th November - Russia
Underworld Trip

More Info: Here!
01-04 June - Swisserland
Mental Soup 2
More Info: HERE!

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