The Paulista striked again, after heavy commercial shit, let's jump to heavy mental shit! God took a rib of Adam to create Eve and Cannibal BBQ take all the guts and soul of the dancefloor to bring it to insane level of madness...
Thi project started 2 years ago when 3 rotten fruits met in search of some human flesh for lunch time. The result was not long and Cannibal BBQ was created from the association of Felipe (Neo Vox) with Marcello and Thierry (Psynatorium). Truely innovating, twisted and with a bad sens of humor, Cannibal NNQ is pure pleasure for night time when the need to trip is hard!

Website: http://www.myspace.com/cannibalbarbecue 


Demos available: nabicd006"One More Drop ": HERE

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Past Events:
13th October - Brazil
Dark Land - 2nd Edition
More Info: Here!
22nd December - Brazil ECODELIC MATHURA
More Info: Here!
21st April - Brasil - Sao Paulo
etNica crew
Info: Here or Here