Tony (aka Catatonic Despair) is a US born citizen. He moved in Japan in 1998 where is settle down with wife and kid. He is been evolve in the psychedelic scene since a few years now and started his how project about 3 years ago. He released a few tracks back in February, 2005 on ZAVYRIAN PRODUCTIONS first CD: " predecessor", CATATONIC DESPAIR meets ALDUS B. (It's Tony's independent project to develop psytrance). We, at Nabi, totally fell in love with Catatonic Despair because this project is truly dedicated to psychedelic music in it's original meaning "Having an effect on the brain". With all the bullshit around "Dark psy-trance", Tony is gonna give you a true definition for it... Amazing music that will just make the people experience a very unique story.
Catatonic Despair is available for Live Acts ONLY.
For any Info/help/arrangement about booking, contact us, we will forward it to him.


Demos available: nabicd004"D.M.T,The 1st Gram": HERE!

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