This new french project is the association of Marcus Spacerunner and Greg. Marcus have been in the french psytrance since 1993, he started DJ'ing in the mid 90's under the name Spacerunner. He bought his first studio equipement in 1995 and really started to make his own music 4 years ago. Greg is in the scene since the early 90's. Originally working as a sound enginer for radios, he got imply in electronic music very early. Greg has started making his own sounds in 2002 and worked in collaboration with Psyside project.
Chaotic Waveforms fusion brings a true new energy to the dancefloor with innovative new sounds embedded in a creative structure. Pschedellic Power with a Distinctive French Class... No doubt!
CHAOTIC WAVEFORMS is onely available for DJ SET right now
Marcus Spacerunner & Greg (Possible individual set or duo)
For any Info/help/arrangement about booking, contact us, we will forward it to them.

Website: Not available yet

Demos available: nabicd003"Psychiatric Hospital Ahead!!": HERE


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Past Events:
29 to 30th Sept - Belgique
Mystical Pt V
Marcus (Chaotic Waveforms)
More Info: Here!