PSILOGOS (israel)
Psilogos is Gil B. from israel. He first encountered psy trance in the begining of the 90's,
was blown away by the impact of the vibe and the sound ,shortly after began to experiment
with the production of all kind of electronic music,first with the classic impulse tracker,
and as time progressed moved on to better gear and software ,after years of experiments&twisted
sessions in the studio, that varied from dub and chill to noisecore and semi industrial metal trance hybreeds
,decided that the time is right to concentrate on psy trance and unleash some of the madness upon the masses.
these days been working mainly with cubase and reason rewire.
Psilogos is available for Live Acts and DJ Sets.
For any Info/help/arrangement about booking, contact us, we will forward it to him.

Website: Not available yet

Demos available: nabicd003"Psychiatric Hospital Ahead!!": HERE

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