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This project is the collaboration of Luiz and Fabio. Coming from very different musical background ( Metal & Punk bands), in 1998, they both moved from the traditionnal bands and instruments to electronic music. With the true musician background and a real psychedelic state of mind, Baphomet Engine is creating an incredible experience with a powerfull energy . Experimenting with a wide range of sounds and frequencies, they are develloping their music to reveal you the insanity and chaos of the "true" world.
Today, Baphomet Engine is recognize as one of the most innovative and creative act from Brazil. With a real night music energy, they tell you stories with amazing feelings and take you into deep journey to experience the the final judgement day.... It's time to dance fucker!
Available for Live Acts and DJ sets - For Booking in Europe/Asia, contact me.
Website: http://www.baphomet-engine.com

Check these Baphomet Engine's Wallpapers!
Designed by Fabio Himself, immerse in the Baphomet Engine universe now.
Available in 1 size : 1024 X 768

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Demos available: nabicd002"Run,Motherfucker,Run...": HERE!
Demos available: nabicd003"Psychiatric Hospital Ahead!!": HERE
Demos available: nabicd004"D.M.T,The 1st Gram": HERE!

Demos available: nabicd005"Psytrance id Dead! ": HERE!

Past Events:
2nd Sept - Delhi - India
More Info: Here! delhi
9th Sept - Mumbai - India
More Info: Here!
15 to 18 Sept - Brazil
EarthDance Festival
More Info: Here!
7th October - Brazil

21th October - Russia
Technical Freaks B-day Party
More Info: Here!
28th October - Brazil
More Info: Here!
03rd March - Brazil
Belo Horizonte
Info: Here
17th March - Brazil
Info: Here
21st April - Brasil - Sao Paulo
etNica crew
Info: Here or Here
May 12 - (Goiânia - Go / Brazil)
Kabrathor Label Party
May 19 - (Recife - Pe / Brazil)
May 26 - (Vitória - Es / Brazil)

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