INFECT INSECT (macedonia)
Infect Insect is certainely the most EXPERIMENTAL project ever released. Created by Damme Insect, this music is a true step in the unknown... Exploring deeper and deeper. How to define it...It is almost impossible to qualify something you never heard before. As Damme Insect put him himself: "i am black in all dimensions expanding abstract form.Feeding with everything seeding everything.I dont have a source i dont have an exit. I am here and everywhere."
Damme is also involved in others fields such as webdesign, graphic design. He also conduct another music project exploring "NOISE" without any limits.
This deeply talented and creative artist have ALL our support: Experimenting with insanity is fun! Thank you Damme!!!!

Demos available: nabicd003"Psychiatric Hospital Ahead!!": HERE
Demos available: nabicd004"D.M.T,The 1st Gram": HERE!

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