Noise Gust is our friend Kage solo project. Kage started making his own music in 2001 and after many experimentations, he created the actual project "NOISE GUST" in 2003. This project is based on the combination of dark industrial sounds mixed with a very energetic bass and kick for dancing.
Kage has been known in Japan for quite a few years now, performing incredible live acts in many parties in Japan with well known artists. His energy is dedicated to promote the japanese scene through the production and promotion of psychedelic trance music. Kage and his incredible music creates profound stories where different energies from many horizons units to create a real and unique vibration to feel the space that extends in the sound.
Noise Gust is available for Live Acts & DJ set.
For any Info/help/arrangement about booking, contact us.

FREE Noise Gust tracks just for you from Noise Gust website!

Demos available: nabicd002"Run,Motherfucker,Run...": HERE!
Demos available: nabicd004"D.M.T,The 1st Gram": HERE!

Demos available: nabicd006"One More Drop ": HERE
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Past Events:
24-25th June - Japan
chaporization 'Lost in Mist
More Info: Here!
26 August - Japan
Vertigo Records party
More info: Here!
23rd September - Japan
24 Hrs Party Autumnal Equinox
More info: Here!
7th October - Japan
Psychofamily party@club ASIA
14th October - Japan
Fullmoon Records release party
More Info: Here!
28th October - Japan
Dejan Birthday Party
4th November - Japan
Fullmoon Records Tour: Tokyo
More Info: Here!
25th November - Japan
Fullmoon Recs Tour: Hiroshima
More Info: Here!
10th February - Japan
Good feeling production

17th February - Japan
YOUKAI Convision
03rd March - Japan
30th March - Russia Moscow
07th April - Japan

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