STREZZ (israel)
Constantine Laniv aka StrezZ was born i Ukraine in 1984 .. in 1996 he emigrate to israel. one of integration signs was influence from different sounds of trance music ..somewhere in 2001 , from party to party ,he started play on small private raves his favour dark side of the short period ,by influence of his dear friends, he started
produce his own music and one of the first of hes work was the collabration with Kalilaskov AS, that released wason Nabi Rec. in 2005...

Strezz is available for DJ sets and Live Acts.
For any Info/help/arrangement about booking, contact us, we will forward it to him.

Website: Not available yet


Demos available: nabicd003"Psychiatric Hospital Ahead!!": HERE
Demos available: nabicd004"D.M.T,The 1st Gram": HERE!

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